Technically superior to metal (steel and aluminium), the Aramat composite (Glass/Kevlar/Carbon) is used in state-of-the-art industries: aeronautics and space technology.

The Couach site uses these high quality materials in all of its ship structures. Our engineers have developed a method for building hulls made in Aramat which meet the five most important requirements:


The light weight of Aramat hulls allows for higher navigation speeds while maintaining the same motorization.


The Kevlar component in our hulls is remarkably shock resistant, significant when dealing with collision interception.


The mechanical characteristics of Aramat allow us to build ships which are particularly sturdy and solid. They can therefore sail in the worst climatic conditions.


One of the most remarkable characteristics of Aramat is its total insensitivity to oxidation therefore rendering it completely resistant to corrosion. This quality significantly reduces maintenance costs and immobility time. Aramat limits the effects of aging.


In the case of serious accidents, repairs on Aramat structures do not require any particular materials, nor electricity, nor gas. Repairs can be done on board, thus avoiding the return of the vessel; always costly. Simplicity, speed and limited immobility all reduce the cost of repairs.